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15 Years of Experience
Immigration - Business - Education - IT

We provide consultancy to Students, Professionals & Businesspersons for amazing opportunities in Home & Foreign Countries like UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and many more

We, at ZANS understand how hectic various issues related to immigration and business can be for you, this is why we’ve designed our services in such a way so that you can avail maximum benefits at the most competitive price possible.

With offices already established in the UK and Pakistan, we’ll soon be coming to UAE as well.

What We Do:

We provide individuals either present in the UK or outside the UK with consultancy pertinent to business-related issues and immigration issues, such as, matters related to obtaining or extending UK visa, settling in UK, setting up a business in the UK, hiring experts from the overseas etc.

We have a stream-lined process for every application that comes to us, thus, making sure you’re included in each stage of the process and know exactly what is going on. Additionally, we assign a qualified immigration and business consultant to your case who will supervise and guide you throughout the process.

Here’s how we do the work:

  • First stage involves a detailed analysis of your case, so that we can make a proper assessment of your particular situation

  • Then, we explain all the procedures and requirements related to your case in detail, making sure you know about all the documents required to satisfy the visa requirements

  • We complete all the paperwork on your behalf, and submit the application to the relevant immigration office

  • After submission, we will continuously keep you updated of the progress of your application

Why choose us:

With years of experience in the field of immigration and business consultancy, we promise to offer our clients with the best service at a very competitive rate.


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