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IT Consultancy in the UK

We provide IT Consultancy & Software Consulting Services to a large number of small to medium sized business clients on an ongoing basis in the the UK.
Please visit WWW.ZANSCONSULTANTS.COM for more details on IT Consultancy services.

Immigration Consultancy in Pakistan & UAE

Our Experienced Team Has Over 15 Years of Experience in Providing Immigration Consultancy to Our Clients who Wish to Settle Abroad with Their Families in the UK, Canada, Australia & Europe.

Recruitment Consultancy in the UK, Pakistan & UAE

We provide recruitment consultancy to our clients in the UK, Pakistan & UAE who are looking for work in different industries like IT, Healthcare, Accountancy & Finance, Construction and many more.

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Since 2005, Our Experts have been providing Consultancy

We provide  Recruitment & IT, Education & Immigration consultancy to our clients in the UK, UAE & Pakistan respectively. Our experienced consultants can help individuals and businesses to achieve their goals and targets.


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Welcome to ZANS Consultants: A leading Name in The World of Consulting

We at ZANS understand how various hectic issues related to business, education & immigration can be for you, and this is why we’ve designed our services in such a way so that you can avail maximum benefits at the most competitive price possible.

With offices already established in the UK and Pakistan, we’ll soon be coming to UAE.

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We provide career counselling to Students & Professionals for amazing opportunities in all over the world.

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We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

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