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Job description

• Researching businesses, individuals and industry trends to identify potential new clients and markets and ways to serve existing clients better
• Contacting potential new clients using phone and email to gauge interest and plan meetings
• Preparing client presentations and materials, including PowerPoint and sales displays
• Meeting new and existing clients in person
• Negotiating business terms with new and existing clients using phone, email and in-person meetings
• Setting sales goals and ensuring sales team meets them
• Working with senior team members to manage risks
• Training and mentoring sales team members
• Preparing and delivering pitches to potential investors
• Attending networking opportunities including conferences and industry events


• Example setting, using their leadership role to set expectations for company employees
• Employee motivation, applying Theory X and Theory Y managerial types as needed to strategize employee morale
• Sales statistics, calculating metrics such as return on investment and qualified leads per month
• Market research, using surveys, case studies and reporting to define relevant sales goals
• ⁠Multilingual to coordinate with clients from various countries


13.31 per hour / 39 hours per week

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Business Development

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